Knights of the Round Table (Like student of the month)

Knights of the Round table

Knights of the Round table

The March Knights of the Round Table Reception will take place on in the mornings for the 2019-2020 school year. We will be looking for donations to have tasty treats t0 serve as we celebrate the students that are honored  each month.



    June 22, 1-3pm --- 8th Grade End of the Year Dance

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PASSH Please support our after school programs and field trips by donating today. No contribution is too small! Let's all work together to make our children's middle school years great!


"Our health office is in need of girls/young women’s underpants. We are running low on supplies and well, we have a need for our young ladies at this time in their lives for some spares to be available through the nurse. If you are able to purchase some underpants they can be brought right down to the office. A variety of sizes would be great appreciated! Thank you for your support! "