Every Child. One Voice.



Kellogg’s PTSA vision is to understand the needs of, and build meaningful relationships with, every child and their family.¬†


Mission Statement

Kellogg’s PTSA mission is to partner with teachers, staff, students, families, and our larger community to provide rich opportunities for co-curricular learning and extracurricular enrichment, while developing diverse avenues for community connection that honors the lives and realities of each child.¬†



  • Supporting remote learning and learning modality shifts
  • Prioritizing communication with families who are traditionally underrepresented in PTSA meetings¬†
  • Building meaningful relationships and communication with every child’s family
  • Increasing social connections between students in this remote learning time
  • Increasing student voice and perspective through increasing student representation and partnerships throughout the year
  • Providing enrichment programs for families to enhance things such as: curriculum, art, character education, featured authors




The Kellogg PTSA fundraises for the year that follows, therefore 2021-2022. We are not able to have our normal fundraising in-person events so we need your help. Please support this AND next year's PTSA community programs, events and student enrichment by donating today. No contribution is too small! Let's work together to make our children's middle school years as great as it can be!
For Fundraising questions please contact Chris Nelson at fundraising@kelloggptsa.org

PTSA Meeting Schedule

Remaining dates: March Meeting Rescheduling due to conflicts with Kellogg and Shorecrest for registration nights.
April 15, 2021 @ 7pm
May 19, 2021 @ 7pm
June 10, 2021 @ 7pm

Click here for more details on the meeting schedule.