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Reflections Entry Form

Deadline for submission November 18 | Submit to reflections@kelloggptsa.org

All students are invited to participate in this year’s Reflections Art Program.  Participation in Reflections is a creative and inspiring way to be involved with the Kellogg Middle School community (in a socially distant manner).  Special Artists are also invited to participate. Click here for Special Artist information.

Reflections® is a National PTA and Washington State PTA arts recognition program that has been around for 50 years. The program is designed to promote creativity, and to celebrate and recognize the artistic achievements of students at the local, council (district), state, and national levels.  Each year, reflecting on a specific theme, students are invited to create and submit original works of art in any one of 6 different artistic categories.

This year’s theme is “I matter because…”

The categories for entry are:

Dance Choreography

Film/Video Production


Music Composition


Visual Arts 2D & 3D

Students may submit in as many different arts categories as they would like, however, only one entry per category is allowed.

Participation in Reflections is easy! Students should follow these steps for entry.

Step 1 – Reflect on the theme “I matter because…”
Students should take some time to thoughtfully respond to the theme.  This step is important. During the evaluation process judges will strongly consider the interpretation of the Reflections Theme in the artwork.

Step 2 -Select an art category.
Students must choose how they would like to artistically interpret their personal reflection on the theme.  There are 6 artistic categories to choose from. For detailed descriptions of each category, see the Reflections Entry Form.

Step 3 – Create a piece of art.
This is the fun part!  Students should use their innate creative talents to make an original and inspired art project for Reflections.  Students should be mindful of their technique (skill in process, use of materials, etc.) and remember to consider presentation (attention to details).  Judges will consider these elements.

Step 4Complete the online Reflections Entry Form
Download and save the entry form to your own computer before completing and then saving the changes. It is only necessary to complete page 3. The top of the page will be filled in by a PTSA representative after submission.

Step 5 – Submit art and entry form
Submit an image or digital file of the artwork along with a completed entry form via email to: Tara at reflections@kelloggptsa.org

Deadline for submission is Wednesday, November 18

Submissions before this date are welcome and appreciated


Helpful notes about the Reflections Entry Form

(The entry form was created pre-COVID and some details are not currently applicable.  The following notes may alleviate any confusion.)  

Questions may always be directed to Tara at reflections@kelloggptsa.org

  • Only Page 3 needs to be completed and submitted
  •  Typed “signatures” are okay/acceptable and if you have a problem saving both parent and student names it is okay, submit form as is
  • The top of the form in the shaded area will be completed by a PTA representative after submission
  • Use Roundtable teacher name in the “classroom” field
  • Use parent email and phone number for these fields
  • A unique title for the artwork and a brief description of how the piece relates to the student’s personal interpretation of the theme are required
  • Video and music files should be emailed along with the entry form in a format easily accessed (disregard instructions about dvds/thumb drives and specific file formats etc.)
  • Submissions of writing should be saved as a PDF (or JPEG)
  • Two-dimensional works do NOT need to be mounted to stiff backing
  • 2D and 3D works should be carefully photographed (not blurry, good light, no shadow) and a JPEG photo should be submitted via email.  Up to 3 images may be submitted if different angles or a close-up would be helpful for full evaluation of the piece.

Other helpful notes

  • It is highly recommended that students/parents review the brief description of each art category on the entry form before beginning.  Reflections Entry Form
  • It is also suggested that students/parents review the more detailed rules and guidelines for each specific category before beginning, especially if there are questions.

Go to wastatepta.org/reflections and scroll down to the Student Entry Packets drop down.  The specific rules create the necessary boundaries to allow judging, exhibits, and awards.

  • Identifying information (student name) should NOT be on the front of writing submissions or the front of 2D works.  Artist name should always be on the back of physical works.
  • The Special Artist division is defined as: an option for students with a disability as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Generally, rules and guidelines within the special artists division are intended to ensure accessibility to the National PTA Reflections® program and are modeled after the guidelines outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For complete details click here.




Reflections® is an art contest as well asa program to promote student creativityTwenty entries from Kellogg will move up from the school level.  From there they will have the opportunity to move up through the district and state PTA programs, and then onto the national level. Of the national-level submissions, over 200 student Reflections participants will receive awards. National PTA Reflections winners are announced in May and celebrated annually at National PTA’s Convention & Expo in June. National PTA then collects and curates the traveling exhibit for the next year.

National PTA® comprises millions of families, students, teachers, administrators, and business and community leaders devoted to the educational success of children and the promotion of family engagement in schools.  PTA is a registered nonprofit that prides itself on being a voice for all school children; a resource for families and communities; and a strong advocate for public education.

Local PTAs (such as Washington State PTA, and down to hyper-local Kellogg Middle School PTSA) play an important role by supporting schools through advocacy, fundraising, programming, and social events.


Click here for a wealth of information about Reflections.

Click here to see National PTA’s 2021 Reflections Call for Entries video

Click here for National PTA’s Reflections 50 Years Anniversary video


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